Monday, August 24, 2009

Okra Overload!

Last weekend we got okra from our CSA (Hazelfield Farms). I have to admit, it is not my favorite vegetable to eat, but boy is it breathakingly beautiful! The linear ridges and slender curve, the pale green color, the fine hair, and its cute green cap all make Okra irresistable. Why have I never noticed it before!

I had a great time arranging okra. I had so many photos it was hard to narrow it down. Below are some of my favorites. I think you can click on them to see them bigger.


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful! I must admit, I prefer okra in a picture to okra on a plate. It's about the only vegetable I struggle with.


Anonymous said...

Your photographs of OKRA are quite wonderful, my individual favorite is I think that it is the third one, where they are 'stacked."

For me okra has been an acquire 'liking' as a kid, I thought that when in stews it was disgustingly slimy, but, a staple in Creole cooking. It is an acquired liking.

Anonymous said...

Those really are great photos of okra. Maybe some farmers would be interested?

Anonymous said...

When you go to prepare them chop off the stem end and stick it on your face. It will stick due to the smooshy innards. Then after you have a whole bunch on your face you can go greet your dinner guests. I swear, its funny!


Nessy said...

Great comment Becky! I think I'll try that next time.