Monday, November 21, 2011

Osage Orange #2

OK. I hardly ever do this.  In fact I've never let myself do it before.  But I just had to post my second favorite osage orange photo (as compared to the one posted below).  I am a firm believer in choosing the absolute best photo and going with it.  But this time I just couldn't choose so I decided this is my own dang blog and I can do whatever I want!  So there!  If you have a preference either leave a comment, email or facebook me your choice.  I'll post the results so check back soon!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Osage Orange

O' sage orange
Your wrinkled green orb
Stores the wisdom of summer days
Of moving wind
Soaking sun and rain
Swelling to great heights

Fall arrives
Your tiny umbilical cord 
Bears great weight
Textured, bulging cerebrum

A strong wind
You're off
Gravity pulls
For three brief seconds, a lifetime
You fly

Now ants stroll down your twisting, verdant pathways
Spreading your stories and seeds

-Vanessa Sorensen

Friday, November 11, 2011

November Berries

The colors have been so beautiful this year that I couldn't resist popping outside for a little photo shoot.  These berries are from the burning bushes that line our driveway and they are in full flame right now!  I also want to wish everyone a happy 11-11-11! 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Everyday Joy

The other day someone asked me what the theme of my blog was and it made me really pause and think.  After grappling with 10,000 things that came to mind, it became clear to me that this blog is about finding beauty and joy in the everyday things that surround us all the time.  It's about stopping to take note and soaking it all in. 

So that's why today I took a picture of something that I look at everyday that gives me joy.  I have this Highland Florals plate sitting on the table where I dry my hair.  I found this plate at a thrift store in Dayton and I am totally gaga over this pattern (so much so that I have been obsessed with finding more of it on ebay, but that's another story).  I also love how the earrings perfectly go with this plate and that every time I see them I think of my friend Libby who made them for me.  (BTW, Libby just started a wonderful blog you should check out here).  Oh, and I forgot to mention that I really like the pattern on the hand towel you see here... I think I got it at World Market a few years back.  Hope you enjoy this little scene as much as I do...and if you ever see this Highland Blue pattern around at a thrift store let me know!