Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The same day I was out admiring the contents of my garbage can I also photographed the crocus in the yard.  I took a ton of photos and this was one of my favorites.  I usually don't like to "touch" my photos other than to adjust the levels if need be.  It's not that I don't appreciate when people do, it's just not my style. But this photo called out for this color/black and white effect.

I really liked the composition with the lines drawing the eye up and back, except there was a dot of purple that kept distracting my eye at the bottom left (see below).  I could have Photoshopped it out but that seemed overly invasive.  The photo was also practically black and white to begin with and that's what gave me the idea to just make it all black and white except the central flower.  I think it's OK to have a "style" or a set of rules one tries to follow, but it's also OK to break them some times.

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She Who Carries Camera said...

I love the effect of isolating color on certain images and these certainly called for it! When I first started with photography a few years ago, I was totally a purist, but now I just love playing with images...it's so much fun! BTW...I haven't forgotten about your question, my Mom is now visiting and I haven't hardly had any time to spend on the internet. I'll get with you after she leaves this coming Tuesday.