Friday, October 18, 2013

Alpaca Sketching at Eagle Bend Farm

I finally got around to finishing my alpaca sketches from my trip with Christina to Eagle Bend Alpaca Farm in Burlington, KY.  We stopped for lunch at a cute outdoor eatery in Burlington and then headed over to the farm where they were celebrating National Alpaca Farm Days. 

It was a pretty day but we were getting burnt sketching in the sun.  I have to admit I did the black and white sketches while we were there and sketched the colorful alpaca from a photo later. I then dropped the black and white sketches into the color sketch for a little more alpaca fun.   Check out Christina's sketches here.

It was also really neat to see the products they made with their fur.  They have a little store where you can buy wool and clothing made with the wool.  But my favorite thing that day was seeing how the alpacas tuck their legs up behind them when they sit down.  I never thought I would say this but alpaca bums are so friggin cute!  I included a photo so you won't think I am crazy (but don't you agree?)  

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