Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I am passionately in love with acorns so imagine my joy when George and I went biking last weekend at Miami Whitewater.  We were pulling over at the picnic table about halfway around the loop and I could hardly ride my bike through the grass there were so many acorns.  And not just any old acorns, but beautiful, big acorns with bulging, ruddy bellies and crazy, hairy caps!

Of course I immediately started collecting them and placing them on the table.  George knows me so well he, without saying a word, started helping me and before we knew it we had quite a nice selection. 

When you get down to it and really start looking at acorns you realize that each one is like a unique work of art.  I love the way the smooth skin of the nut contrasts with the rough texture on the caps.  And when I saw the acorn below I thought that it had really let its hair down and was being its wonderful, wild self.  Such joy and freedom in those wiry locks!  A beautiful exemplar laying right in front of me. Who knew I had so much to learn from an acorn? 

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Jodi Christiansen said...

Very cute! I'm seeing some sweet little faces painted on those nuts. . .