Sunday, August 2, 2015

St. Elizabeth Sketch

Last Thursday Christina and I biked through Norwood and then stopped to sketch St. Elizabeth church.  The church was built in 1903 and is a stunning structure.  It was sold in 1995 to Vineyard Central and they now offer services, but you can also rent it for weddings, concerts, and camps.  From the photos I saw on their website, the interior is just as amazing as the outside.  I hope someday I get to see the inside.

I found this website that had some beautiful writing by Eric Hansen about this church.

"She has eight large stained glass windows, two rose windows, and two strained glass domes, all combining to let in a subtle natural light. She is also in a state of disrepair. The roof leaked – and was allowed to leak – for several years. She has had severe water damage, and large patches of plaster have come off the walls. Brick columns are exposed, like underlying bones.

Elaine and I attend Vineyard Central services there.  I am convinced St. E’s is a Sacred Space. She is for me and Elaine, and she seems to be sacred to others as well. Visitors are always moved by her beauty and brokenness and (perhaps) feel the presence of God within her surround."

If you would like to visit this church it is at the corner of Mills and Carter in Norwood, Ohio.  You can see Christina's awesome sketch here.

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Eric Hansen said...

I have a blog with more about my Saint Elizabeth journey.

It's been eight years since I posted, but I may start again. Vannesa's drawing inspired me to go to Today's (Sunday, August 2) service. Still lots of good people, still a thin space.