Sunday, May 15, 2016

Swiss Chalet House Sketch - Cincinnati

This weekend my friend Christina and I sketched a house in my neighborhood.  This style of architecture is called "Swiss Chalet" and there are a number of them in Cincinnati.  They were built around the turn of the century and are characterized by "low pitched roofs with front gables and wide eaves with decorative brackets." You can see some amazing examples here.  I LOVE the colorful details and when I imagine myself living in one I picture myself in the alps dressed in full folk costume swinging a bucket of freshly squeezed milk. 

My friend Christina is truly an amazing artist.  I have learned so much from sketching with her.  She was almost done inking hers when I just finished my pencil sketch.  You can see her sketch is one of my favorite sketches of hers.  Thank you Christina for getting me outside to sketch!

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Joel said...

An architect told me that Cincinnati is the only place in the USA where Swiss Chalet houses were built.