Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kitchen Paint Color

So I have been fretting over this paint color for my Dad's kitchen. I wanted his house to have a Mexican color scheme... colorful, but not too crazy. So my original color scheme was to do a deep, dark chocolate brown on the far wall, a nice burnt orange on the tv wall, and a nice muted green in the kitchen. I ended up liking all the colors, but I really didn't like how the green looked next to the cabinets. The green is a perfectly nice green next to the white door mouldings, but it just didn't work with the cabinets.

Hence this project. I did a messy photoshop job to test out some colors and I am very excited because I have a definate favorite. Here they are... (remember there is a dark brown wall behind the camera.)

The original green.

This option shows a little bit darker green.

This options shows using the same dark brown that is on the wall behind the camera.

I think this brick color is my favorite because it has that southwest feel and it pulls out that weird rose color in the cabinets.

Let me know what you think!


North East Factory Direct said...

LOVE your "new" kitchen! The new color is fantastic.

Furniture Store Denver said...

your kitchen looks SO good! thanks for sharing

Poulin Design Center said...

What a huge difference, and an absolutely gorgeous kitchen! thanks