Thursday, October 16, 2008

Knit Pumpkins

This year I am a bit late in getting the Halloween decorations out. But when I was going through the closet I found something I just had to blog about. I came across my knifty knitter pumpkins.

Last fall I was blissfully wandering around Michael's getting overstimulated, as usual, when I saw something that made my heart beat faster and gave me that nervous twisty feeling in my stomach. I spied from the checkout aisle 2 beautiful knit pumpkins. Of course, I had to know how to make them and, of course, I left Michael's with several skeins of orange and brown yarn and the knifty knitter.

I know I am crazy about crafting, but I have to admit that I don't know how to knit... and I still don't. But I was able to figure out the knifty knitter and it was relatively easy. So if you love these pumpkins but don't know how to knit, don't despair..., just buy the knifty knitter and you'll be on your way to knit pumpkin bliss! (I know I sound like a commercial for knifty knitter, but I did really like it and even knitted a few winter hats to boot).

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