Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Closet Bathroom

So I was trying to wait until everything was done before posting our new bathroom photos, but I couldn't wait. We recently converted a very small closet into a bathroom. I guess I should say that we hired a contractor to convert it. (JD Sandipher was our contractor and you can see his website here.)

The reason I have been waiting is because I wanted to post the photos with window treatments and as you can see I did make window treatments for the window, but I am still waiting on the fabric to make a roman shade for the door. Right now the only thing between a person going to the bathroom and the outside is some fairly see-through stained glass. Currently we advise guests to avert there eyes if they happen to see someone going into the new bathroom.

So here is a before shot.

And here it is finished! (well almost anyway)

I did a lot of research into finding the world's smallest sink. We got the sink and the toilet from Signature Hardware. They have a great selection of all sorts of toilets and sinks.

I am super happy with the sink cabinet. I designed it and my husband and I built it (OK he mostly built it while I hung around wringing my hands and fretting about details). I wanted it to resemble our radiator which you can kind of see in the photo below.
I thought it wouldn't be that hard to build a little cabinet. Boy was I wrong! Every step was frought with danger. I should have blogged about it during the process because it is all a blur now. But we learned a lot from Kregging to routering (thanks Mark!). I thought I ruined it after I put the first coat of stain on it. But after changing the color a bit and polyurethaning it turned out OK.

When I get the door shade up I will post some photos about the shades. Enjoy!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Climate Change Brochure

So lately I have been overwhelmed every time I hear more about global warming. I recently went to a couple of lectures about it and I always leave feeling like I want to do something but I am not sure what. So after the last talk I was complaining to my hubby that I want to help fix the problem, but how?

Well, the answer came the next day in the form of an email. It was from the City of Cincinnati and they were looking for someone to help them make a brochure about Global Climate Change and the small things we can all do to help. Can you believe that? Be careful what you ask for.

I was happy about how it turned out because this is the overall look and style that I have been gravitating towards. Lately I have been loving green, orange and blue. I think I might have to redesign my website with these colors and look.
Oh, and if you are interested in reading the suggestions you can go here to download a pdf.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cat Card

A friend of mine is totally wonderful and has three cats, plus he feeds about 10 cats outside his house, plus he has gotten almost all of them spade and neutered. Steve, you are totally awesome!

His three indoor cats go by the names "Orange", "Grey", and "White. The other day they told me they wanted to tell Steve Happy Birthday so I told them I would make a card for them.