Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Closet Bathroom

So I was trying to wait until everything was done before posting our new bathroom photos, but I couldn't wait. We recently converted a very small closet into a bathroom. I guess I should say that we hired a contractor to convert it. (JD Sandipher was our contractor and you can see his website here.)

The reason I have been waiting is because I wanted to post the photos with window treatments and as you can see I did make window treatments for the window, but I am still waiting on the fabric to make a roman shade for the door. Right now the only thing between a person going to the bathroom and the outside is some fairly see-through stained glass. Currently we advise guests to avert there eyes if they happen to see someone going into the new bathroom.

So here is a before shot.

And here it is finished! (well almost anyway)

I did a lot of research into finding the world's smallest sink. We got the sink and the toilet from Signature Hardware. They have a great selection of all sorts of toilets and sinks.

I am super happy with the sink cabinet. I designed it and my husband and I built it (OK he mostly built it while I hung around wringing my hands and fretting about details). I wanted it to resemble our radiator which you can kind of see in the photo below.
I thought it wouldn't be that hard to build a little cabinet. Boy was I wrong! Every step was frought with danger. I should have blogged about it during the process because it is all a blur now. But we learned a lot from Kregging to routering (thanks Mark!). I thought I ruined it after I put the first coat of stain on it. But after changing the color a bit and polyurethaning it turned out OK.

When I get the door shade up I will post some photos about the shades. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

It looks good! What was the size of your closet?