Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Fabric Project

Lately the white plaster walls behind the book shelves in the family room have been bugging me. So I thought, "Of course! Another opportunity for a great fabric!"

I already made roman shades for this room so I wanted something subtle. This room also has a bit of an Asian flair. So I found this incredible fabric at Calico Corners.

I ended up basically making a roman shade but without the rings. I lined it mainly because I thought it might help insulate a little bit. I left room at the top and bottom for metal rods.

I ended up putting 2 screw eyes into the top of the bookshelves (actually my husband did this part). These supported the metal rods.

I was originally worried about the shelves making the fabric pucker because there is not much space between the shelf and the wall. But it turned out fine.

This is a photo of the final product. It is very subtle and not everyone would even notice, but I am happy not to have the white plaster behind there anymore. Even my husband (who was cursing me when the screw eye broke) likes it.

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