Friday, April 3, 2009

Nest Cakes!

We are hosting bridge tonight so I decided to make Nest Cakes! I am addicted to Whoppers and my husband is an orthithologist so what better dessert than Nest Cakes?

They are super easy to make too! I cheated and bought a cake mix and tube icing. It turns out I should have made my own because I went to 2 grocery stores and finally to Michael's before I found chocolate tube icing. For some reason the grocery stores have every color but brown. Michael's had Wilton icing which I like because my icing tips fit onto their tubes. (The cheap plastic tips from the grocery store only fit on the skinny tubes.)

Before I did the nest icing it is best to put a layer of chocolate icing to make sure the whole cake has icing. Otherwise there might be a bare spot below the eggs and we couldn't have that!

I'll let you know how they taste. Hopefully delicious!

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