Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tulip Pods

I have been garden crazy lately. You know how it is...you are just going to weed this one bed; then five hours later you can barely straighten your back and you are dehydrated.

Anyway, I feel like I have evolved into a hardened gardener. I used to try and save every little baby sedum that accidentally got dislodged, or I would transplant every last day lily that was in the wrong spot. But no more nice Nessy. Now I am pulling out columbines left and right. Yes... even the ones with flowers! Can you believe it?

But this brings me to the current topic which are these beautiful seed pods. They were about to go right into the garden waste bag when I noticed how beautiful they were. Yes, they made this hardened gardener pause for a moment to consider their slender shape and hint of pink.

I have to admit I am a pod lover. I love pods of all shapes and sizes. I love the idea of all their little babies nestled inside. OK, this blog is getting too long. Enjoy!

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George said...

What great pictures of the pods! I've been hoping for many years to become a hardened gardener but haven't attained that state. I plan to do some pruning and planting of annuals in pots and window boxes. Thanks for sharing this.
Cathy Farnsworth