Sunday, September 20, 2009

Porch Curtains

Getting curtains for the porch was more of a project than I had anticipated. Originally I thought I would buy Sunbrella curtains for the porch. But when I figured out that I needed 12 panels and they were $80/panel I decided to rethink that idea.

So I bought 83'' sailcloth panels from Target. I washed 2 of them as a test and they shrank about 6'' and were then too short. They looked my porch was wearing floods!

So then I returned those and ordered 96'' panels from JCPenney and figured I would hem them. But then I realized those panels were only 41'' wide and they might shrink too much in width.

So I returned those and ended up buying the 96'' panels from Target that were an inch wider. I washed and dried them but they were still too long. So I ended up hemming 4 of the 12 panels to about an inch above the ground.

I was very pleased with myself until I woke up the next day and they were all dragging the ground because they had swollen with the dew. I was so mad! But my mom suggested washing them again. And lo and behold...they shrank the perfect amount! So I hemmed the rest and am now done with it!

So if you actually made it to the end of this story, I'm not sure what the moral is. Perhaps that sometimes the problem is the solution.

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Rachel Van Dyke said...

Your porch is breathtaking! So glad you got the curtain situation squared away. Im also in the process of purchasing out outdoor panels for our porch. I'd LOVE to know where you purchased the rod!? Was it custom?
Thanks for your time
Rachel Van Dyke, NC

Nessy said...

I bought the rod at Target, but it has been a couple years.

Catherine Lynch said...

Can your curtains handle rain? They look great- but I wonder how they'd be after a storm?

Esther Lee said...

Did you wash it in hot water for it to shrink?

Did you use "never wet" spray solution on both sides to prevent. Mildew?

Nessy said...

I can't remember the temperature now that I washed them in and I didn't use "never wet." About once or twice a season I wash them if I see mildew and it seems to come out just fine. Many of them never get wet so it is not a problem.

mistyleigh4 said...

How long are those rods and where did you get them? They almost look like one giant rod! :)

Anonymous said...

$10 drop cloths add grommets looks gorgeous and sturdy and won't shrink

Anonymous said...

Also looking for a long porch curtain rod. My screen porch is 12ft X 20ft. 2 walls are 144 inches in length. Main wall is 240 inches. I do not want to use spring rods in between. Want a cleaner streamlined no fuss look. Prefer to hang grommet drapes.

Terri Clere said...

Where can you find $10 drop cloths. I have been looking online but they are all quite a bit more expensive than that.

Debby Graham said...

for the rod, use Ikea wire rod with clips, cut it to size. the curtains are light enough. I bought my curtains at Ikea, cheap and no issues with shrinking or washing