Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kitty on Candlewicking

I got this wonderful tablecloth at the flea market. It has candlewicking all over it. What is candlewicking you might ask? It is a form of whitework embroidery that gets its name because originally women used the cotton twist yarn used in candle making. Also, knots were often used because they could be felt as much as seen under poor lighting conditions such as candlelight or fire.

I totally love the white on white. It is subtle, but beautiful. I liked it so much I just got 5 books on candlewicking from the library. I may have to try this.

My grey tabby Sunshine decided she loved the beautiful textured candlewicking too when I laid it out to dry on a bed. I couldn't shew her off of it because she looked too cute.

Here she is annoyed at me for waking her from her nap. Silly girl!

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