Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I had been eyeing these letters at Hobby Lobby for a long time. You know how every time you go to a store and you see something and you want it, but you don't allow yourself to get it?

Well, one day this summer everything came together perfectly. I had just gotten home after a trip to Hobby Lobby where I had been ogling the letters as usual, when my friend Lori called and asked me what I wanted for my bday. I told her I wanted JOY!

So there you have it...the story of JOY. I hope your holidays are filled with it!

Look at the great shapes cut into these letters! It fills me with joy.


Elizabeth Segrist aka Buffy said...

I love these letters! They brought J-O-Y to me just seeing them. I love your blog!

Lori Mruk said...

Of course, I like these letters :-)
They look great!