Monday, January 18, 2010


OK...I know this is not the most exciting post, but I feel super happy to have this project crossed off my list. George and I (OK, mostly George) spent a good portion of Sunday lining our kitchen cabinets with 2 inch foam insulation.

Our kitchen is freezing so I thought this might help a little. The problem is our kitchen has no heat source. I think it used to have a radiator, but right now the only way head enters is when it slowly seeps in from the other rooms. Also, all the outer walls in our house are plaster directly on brick. So there is no insulation in the walls. Oh, the joys of older homes!

Anyway, most of the time we will see if from this view so we don't have to see the blue foam. I also covered some 1 inch thick foam for the bottom with this fabric I had left over from the bathroom project.
I did the same thing for this fan above the stove. I love the fan, but in the winter it just lets in cold air.

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