Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dual Flush Toilet

Recently George and I were watching one of those home improvement shows on TV and they had this show about dual flush toilets and how easy it is to convert your toilet into one.  Of course, we always see stuff like that and say that we want to do it, but in reality we never do.  But as fate would have it I was in Ace hardware a week later and what do I see, but a dual flush toilet converter!  I had to buy it... and it was only $25!

For those of you who are asking what is a dual flush toilet?  It is a way to save water every time you flush.  There is a button for solids and a button for liquids.  Hence, every time you just tinkle you don't use as much water.  If you have an old toilet and would like to convert it, it is really easy.  It took George about 15 minutes.  It is a win-win situation - you save water and money at the same time.

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KayAnne said...

Wow! I remember seeing those in Europe and saw them when I bought the toilet for our yet-to-be-remodeled bathroom - but they were super expensive, so I cheaped out and bought a regular toilet. A retrofit is a good idea - whoever came up with it. I always thought maybe the bowl had to be shaped differently or something to get it to work w/ less water? For $25, I'm willing to buy one and give it a try. I know what I'll be getting everyone for Christmas this year! ;)