Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vintage Field Guides

A couple weeks ago we visited George's sister in Geneva, NY.  Every time we go there I love to stop by the Geneva Antique Co-op.  Its a great store in downtown Geneva that has loads of interesting tidbits (although "tidbits" might not be the right word as the first time we went we had to fit a nightstand in the back seat of the car).

Anyway, this time I found these great "little" field guides.  I say "little" because they are only 3.5'' tall by 5.5'' wide. I love the artwork and the descriptions are wonderfully subjective.  For example, when discussing the rose-breasted grosbeak the author states,"  Almost all observers are impressed with the wholesomeness of this grosbeak.  It is seldom nervous and does not permit trivial things to bother it."

This is is dated 1931 and printed in Racine, Wisconsin.

This one was printed in Bavaria and didn't have a date .
This one was printed in 1932 also in Racine, Wisconsin.

This may be the start of a new collection!  (George sighs and thinks, "At least they're not breakable and they fit into the back of the car.")

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ash said...

what a neat find. indeed! (and wildflowers, too.) i'd say these happy little pubs couldn't have been taken home by more fitting collectors.