Friday, April 1, 2011

Lenten Rose

Another sure sign of spring is Lenten Rose.  The flowers on these are beautiful but you don't often get a good look at them because their heads hang down.  I had to mush my head agains the ground to take the photo above.

I also love the variation in color.  In my yard they vary from dark pinky purple to rose to white.  They are actually hellebores (not roses) and there is a very nice description of them over on the Birds and Blooms blog.

Again, I have to credit Jillsy girl's blog for getting me out there to take some photos.  The above photo was inspired by Jill's April Challenge - Color My World.


Jillsy Girl said...

Thanks for help to start out our rainbow! What dainty flowers. I just planted some columbine that also face toward the ground. Thankfully my SLR has a swivel out screen display so I don't have to get down in the dirt myself to take those low pics!

Jamie said...

I just read about the Lenten rose this morning and I had never seen one.