Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tablecloth Fabric Design

I am so excited to announce that my new tablecloth designs are now available at Spoonflower.  Today I am showing you the first of three designs.  The tablecloth above is a 58'' round tablecloth with red on white folk designs composed of hearts and birds.  Because you have to buy by the yard at Spoonflower I filled the extra space with matching handtowels that you see below.  Two are red and white and two are pink.

If you would like to purchase this tablecloth just go to and search for "Sorensen." Click on the "Round Folk Tablecloth" (or click here).  You have to select the fabric type ( I recommend the cotton twill) and order 3 yards.  Your fabric will be printed by Spoonflower and will arrive at your door.  You will then have to cut the fabric and hem the edges.  This way it is handmade by you and designed by me!  So break out your sewing machines and get busy! (BTW, you don't have to be a sewing guru to do this - I learned to sew by watching the video that came with my $100 sewing machine I bought at JoAnn's).  You can also customize your tablecloth by sewing on a trim.  I chose giant red ric rac for the tablecloth, but a nice ball fringe might be nice too.  I did a mini white ball fringe on the pink hand towels.

If you can't tell I designed this for Valentines Day but for a variety of reasons it has taken me a while to get here.  I received my first round of printed fabric about a month ago.  For this design I wanted to sew ric rac around the edge so I washed and dried the fabric so that it would shrink before sewing on the trim.  Big mistake!  The fabric shrank so much it didn't fit my table anymore.  Not only did it shrink, but it shrank more in one direction so I ended up with an ellipse instead of a circle!  So I re-ordered and this time I just sewed the ric rac on right away.  So I'm sure that drying this tablecloth is not a good idea.  I'm not sure yet about hand-washing, but needless to say a little spot cleaning is the safest way to go.

I will post the other designs soon so check back!

Hooray for giant red ric rac!


Cathy said...

Love the design. Hope to see your new ones soon.

Nessy said...

So blogger went down the day I posted this and I lost all the comments from that day. I noticed there was one comment but was unable to read it and then it was gone. If whoever made the comments reads this, please post again. Sorry about that - I would love to hear what you have to say!

Eddward Weber said...

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