Monday, June 6, 2011

Vintage Embroidery Tablecloth

Last month I went with my mom to the Springfield Antique Show Extravaganza where I found this amazing tablecloth.  When I spotted it from across the booth I was immediately drawn to it.  I love the contrast between the cornflower blue and orange and the yellow makes the whole tablecloth so cheery.

And did you get a look at those gorgeous butterflies dropping in for a sip of nectar?  They are interesting because the maker purposefully left the top of the butterflies open to form a pocket.  At first I thought it was for a little weight to prevent it from blowing in the wind, but the tablecloth is only a 34'' square and so the butterflies lay on top of the table.  Then I thought maybe the butterfly pockets were to hold playing cards...and then I thought wouldn't it be so cute if you had friends over to play cards and you had a little card with their names sticking out of the butterflies!  Whatever the case it makes it all the more charming and I hope it brightens your day like it did mine.

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Margot Madison Creative said...

That is such a sweet design and I love that pocket idea. I wish the creator had a blog post so we could read about it! ;o)