Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bird Handkerchiefs

For our anniversary I made George these adorable bird handkerchiefs.  I chose the Woodthrush and Mockingbird because George studies both of them.  Each handkerchief has two of the same birds printed in opposite corners (see below) and I printed them on quilting weight cotton at  I just love the idea of printing some of my Zen Birds onto fabric.  Oh the possibilities!

I had to learn how to use my handkerchief foot (or rolled hem foot) on my sewing machine for this project.  These videos (SewEtcetera and BrianSews) on youtube were very helpful.  I ended up using a combination of both their techniques.  First I sewed 2 opposite sides using the technique on BrianSews where you roll the fabric through the foot to begin.  Because the fabric won't roll well after one side has been hemmed I used the technique on SewEtcetera where you hand press a thin hem and then complete a few stitches before rolling the fabric into the foot.  This allowed me to do the two remaining sides.  I do have to say they weren't perfect and it takes some time to get it right, but it is a pretty amazing foot to learn if you have the need.


Bothell130 said...

wow! these are lovely! what a great idea.
Happy anniversary!

Bothell130 said...
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