Thursday, December 15, 2011

Elephant Wrapping Paper

The other night I asked George if he could wrap my sister's birthday present.  He asked me what paper he should use.  I sometimes have a hard time using paper that I love, love, love.  You know the kind that is almost too beautiful to use that you don't want to even take it out of the package?  (Yes I know you are thinking I am a crazy hoarder).  But when I saw this roll in the closet I thought it was perfect occasion to finally use it.  When George finished wrapping and came over to show me my jaw dropped and I thought, "this could quite possible be the cutest wrapping paper in the world!" 

So as the author of this blog I try and anticipate my readers' questions so I know you are just dying to know two things.  1) Where did I get this awesome paper? and 2) What is inside?  I won't hold you in suspense because I am terrible at that.  The answers are that I bought this paper at World Market in Columbus (boo hoo we don't have one here in Cincinnati anymore).  And the gift is a most wonderful book I just read entitled, "Love Walked In" by Marisa de los Santos.  I highly recommend it if you want an enjoyable read this holiday.

And last but not least I would like say "Happy Birthday Girlda! Lots of hugs and love!"

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