Monday, January 23, 2012

Tropical Plants

Heliconia pogonantha

In addition to the great birds at Bijagual, I am always impressed with the diversity and abundance of the plants we see.  It was great to have Paul Foster, botanist extraordinaire and director of Bijagual, at hand to teach us about the plant families and to help me identify the subjects of all of these photos.

If you haven't noticed yet, I love repetition in my photos.  Repetition that changes slightly over a series is everywhere in nature (think of your backbone) and I find it both eye-catching and beautiful.  The photo below shows a fruit stalk extending from the center of this bromeliad.  When I saw this photo it reminded me of a fat, green caterpillar with its legs peaking out underneath.

OK, I know what you are thinking... "Not another dried up plant photo!", but I couldn't resist.  Just look at the amazing repetition of the bracts on this old bromeliad inflorescence (thanks for the correction Paul!)

And the next two photos might be my favorites.  The immature fruits of this bromeliad not only repeat, but they change color and twist at the same time!  It takes my breath away!

And speaking of breath, does this last photo not remind you of a lung?  It is actually a philodendron leaf that has not yet unfurled and I find it lovely and a little revolting at the same time.
Philodendron radiatum

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