Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Antique Faucet Handles

I love the shape of these old faucet handles from the Antiques Warehouse...they remind me of shiny metal jacks.  They also remind me of the faucet handles we had in Houston.  For some reason they said "chaud" and "froid" for hot and cold and I always had to think twice when I used them.

Below is a photo of the last large room photo I have of the warehouse.  I had to use a really long exposure on all of the large room photos because the lighting conditions were so low.  They aren't perfect photos but I wanted to post them to give you an idea of the vast expanse of the warehouse.

I love these old lanterns in the photo below.  When I used to study bears in NC we had to use lanterns at night and I was always terrible at lighting them.  But they do give a beautiful, homey kind of light that is particularly nice during a damp, rainy night.

This last photo is one of my favorites (click on it to enlarge).  Of course I love the goldish knob that is the focal point, but look at the green one in the background!  And the knob at the bottom left has a nautical motif that looks like the wheel at the helm of a ship.  If I were a set designer for the Pirates of the Caribbean I would have used this knob on Captain Jack Sparrow's bedroom.  No one would ever notice but that is the kind of crazy-detailed set designer I would be.

If I owned all these knobs I would start a vintage doorknob blog where a different knob is featured every day and I would come up with a story about the perfect placement for each and every one of them. OK, now you think I'm crazy, but I am crazy-in-love with these doorknobs!

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