Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Antiques Warehouse Cincinnati

Yesterday I spent half the day photographing whatever caught my eye at the Antiques Warehouse in Camp Washington, Cincinnati.  The warehouse is owned by avid collector, Gary Neltner ("avid" being the understatement of the century!) and the "collection" takes up three floors of one warehouse and two floors of another.  I could have spent days..., no weeks..., no years taking photos there.  It is probably the best kept secret in Cincinnati if you are interested in antiques.  They carry anything and everything - lighting, hardware, architectural salvage, furniture, signage, movie props, garden artifacts, ironwork, tools, ...you name it, they've got it.  You can visit their ebay store or you can visit the warehouse (but call Gary to make sure he will be there 513-319-5405)

When I got home from the warehouse and downloaded my photos I realized there were so many I wanted to share I will have to post them over the next week or so.  So check back this week for more (and more and more and more!). (Click photos to enlarge.)


JillsyGirl Studio said...

Holy Cow! What a place! Definitely a photographer's (and a collector's) dream!

Angela said...

Love these! Looks like a fun place to explore!

Chuck said...

Great photos, Vanessa!
I'm going to have to check this place out!