Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vintage Door Knobs

Out of all the objects at the Antiques Warehouse these old door knobs were my favorite thing to photograph.  Each one is like a work of art!  Can you imagine if all of the door knobs in your house like this?  It would be awesome!

The photo below shows the second floor.  One of the things I love about the warehouse are these incredible beams you see here. 

While I was there Gary pulled out a thin case which contained this vintage anatomical chart.  How cool is that?  Maybe it's the biologist in me, but I loooooooooove  this.  It reminds me of the fifth grade in Mrs. Penquite's class where we had a 3-D model of the human body and we could take out all the plastic organs.

And if you ever need a replacement vintage glass light shade look no further. The shapes of these looked like jellyfish to me, but I have had jellyfish on my brain lately.

I added this last photo because I love the way the light illuminates the glass of these shades.  The photo seems so quiet, soft, and ghostly.

Check back again soon...more on the way!

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Christina said...

I love the doorknobs! And the anatomy fold out...