Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Homage to Sloane Tanen #2

A couple years ago I bought my first pom pom chicks and did a blog post about how they reminded me of Sloane Tanen whenever I saw them.  If you don't know about her books you should check them out on Amazon where you can look inside the books at some of the incredible pom pom chick dioramas.  They are hilarious!

So this year I was at Michael's and I couldn't resist buying another box of chicks.  When I got home I was upstairs opening the box and there was Sunshine (my cat) sleeping so peacefully.  I just tucked a few chicks right in the crook of her tail.  She lifted her head and gave me that Mom-what-are-you-doing-now look, but tolerated the impromptu photo shoot well and eventually went back to sleep. When I first saw the photos,  the expression on the chicks' faces made me laugh so I thought another homage to Sloane Tanen was in order.  And if you were worried, the chicks did make it out of there and are now happily on display amidst daffodils and Easter eggs.

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Becky Desjardins said...

Hilarious! Happy Easter!