Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oregon Grape

Although I first learned this plant by its genus name, Mahonia, the common name of "Oregon Grape" describes the most memorable part of this plant...its beautiful berries . There is something so amazing about their soft dusty hue and the way they practically glow from within.  I photographed these early this spring so they are still green, but later in the season they turn a wonderful cornflower blue (you can see some here tucked into a flower arrangement).

Technically speaking they are not a grape, but they are edible.  I have not tasted them because they are described as extremely tart.  I did find instructions on how to make Oregon Grape Jam here and the author claims it is "one of the world's most delicious jams" when mixed with blackberries.  George is always adventurous so if we have a good crop this year we will try it out.  But even if we don't make any jam, both the birds and I will enjoy the berries.

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