Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vintage Flour Sack Cloth

Even though I just got back from Taos and I have a ton of great travel photos to share, I thought this week I would post things that are mostly red, white and blue.  Last year I had the idea to do it and time just got away from me.

It was funny because one day it dawned on me that most of the linens I collect are red, white and blue.  It wasn't a conscious decision, but when I look at my tablecloths the majority are in that color scheme.  The blue is often more of a sky blue than a flag blue, but blue nonetheless.

The fabric above is from a flour sack I bought at the flea market.  I am currently using it as a pillow case on our screen porch outside.  It is amazing how the sun has faded it but I kind of like it that way...  and the pattern is one of my favorites.  To me the design has a slightly Asian flair.  Gorgeous!  So check back because there will be lots of patriotic posting all week!

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