Sunday, August 26, 2012

Concordia Eco Tents, St. John

This spring some friends of ours asked us if we were interested in going on vacation with them to St. John's in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  They had researched the trip and found a great place to stay called Concordia Eco-Resort on the southeast end of the island.  So this July we met them and rented two "tabins" as we liked to call them and had a great trip.  I've never stayed in a place that had such an incredible view!

The tabins were "eco" because all of the electricity was from solar power, the water was from rainwater, and the toilets were composting.  I was a little worried about the toilets, but they worked great and were totally fine.  Our main problem was our tent's location didn't get much wind and there was not any air conditioning so it got hot a night.  Our friends stayed in P11 and had an incredible breeze the entire time.  Our tent also had more mosquitoes because of this lack of breeze.  If we went again I would want to stay in any tent from P17-P11, although the edge tents might get a little too much breeze (see property map here). 

As you can see in the photo above the walk to the beach was short: maybe about 10-15 minutes.  The snorkeling was awesome at this beach and on the whole island.  I got to see a hawksbill turtle, a nurse shark, rays, tons of colorful fish, starfish, and really incredible corals.  I wish we had purchased an underwater camera for the trip because it was truly amazing down there. 

The photo above is of tent P10 and the photo below is the inside of P11.  We (I should say Ken) did a lot of cooking in the tent.  The stove was powered by propane and there is also a small solar-powered refrigerator.  The water in the tent is not potable, but the potable water was close just had to fill up some water jugs and bring it back. One of the best features of the tents were the balconies.  At night you could see the Milky Way and lots of shooting stars.  

We had a wonderful trip. Thank you Ken, Susan, Ellie, & Ian for including us on your vacation!


Christina said...

This looks like a beautiful place. The tents are really cool.

Anonymous said...

Did the tents have outlets to charge cameras?

Nessy said...

I'm sorry but it has been too long and I can't remember.