Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Taos Sketchbook

Now that you've seen all my photos from my Taos trip I thought I'd finally scan some of my sketches from my homemade sketchbook.   I'd say about half of these were done on the trip and the other half I did back at home.  I think if I had to do the trip over again I would force myself to do more sketching on site.  It was just hard not to take photos because I love taking photos and there was so much awesomeness to photograph. 

My goal is to keep this sketching habit up and to force myself to draw more.  It is amazing how much it informs my other work and how freeing it is to just draw...with real pencil and paper and no computer!  A bit scary at "undo" button, but it forces me to be present in the moment and that is always a good thing.


Tony said...

love the sketches!

--Tony A

Christina said...

I LOVE these!