Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Madisonville Quality-of-Life Brochure

This past week I designed this brochure for the community of Madisonville.  They are really on-the-ball and are in the process of developing a quality-of-life plan to outline their goals for the future of their neighborhood.  It was quite a group effort which is sometimes painful, but in the end all of the input produces a stronger document.

The cover drawing was by Glaserworks.  I am totally into this kind of drawing lately and it was nice to have such great imagery for the cover.  To see a larger version, click on the images.


Christina said...

That turned out really nicely. I love the cover!

Kate said...

The brochure looks even better in person!! Thanks for the beautiful design, Vanessa.

Patricia Baxter said...

Vanessa, I love that kind of drawing: makes it look like a street in Paris. Help! I cannot remember the name of that style. What is it?