Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I had never picked my hellebores for an arrangement until today.  I guess I never thought of them as a great flower for arrangements because their heads are always droopy and you never get to see the inside of the flower.  But boy was I wrong!  I totally love them as cut flowers!  Some of them still droop but they are fairly easy to manipulate and if you really feel the need you could always wire a head or two.

When I went to post these photos I realized what a difference the light makes.  I took the above photo today which was overcast and the below photos yesterday when it was sunny.  I like the joyous feeling the sun gives to those photos but I definitely prefer the no-shadow light of the above photo.  Either way I am super happy to have discovered these as cut flowers because I have a ton of them in my yard and they appear to be spreading without my doing anything to them!   


gina weathersby said...

i think they are beautiful, droopy or not. i can think of a few more favorites that do that too, but that make me smile never the less.
i love sunshine in my photos too, but it is trickier. you did a great job with both lighting situations.
happy spring;)

Margot Madison Creative said...

Pesky sun. Beautiful flowers. And worth the effort you took to drag that table outside. :o)