Thursday, May 2, 2013

Snow in Summer

Last week our crabapple was in full bloom and I had the bright idea to do a little photo shoot beneath it. It was the kind of day that has high clouds and you couldn't see the sun, but still bright.  I thought it would be perfect lighting.  George helped me drag the table, chairs and tablecloth down and I picked a few flowers from the yard for a flower arrangement.  It was a beautiful setting and I shot a lot of photos.

After eating lunch with my neighbor I brought it all back inside because it looked like it might rain.  That night when I sat down to look at the photos I was super disappointed.  The sky was all blown out and my white blooms faded right into the sky!  I was so mad after all that effort I had nothing to show.

But then I had a brainstorm.  My friend Jill layers wonderful textures into her photos and had recently shared some of her favorite places to download textures.  I hadn't yet had time to delve into her email but this was the perfect solution to my blown out sky!  I love when things work out perfectly like that.  Thank you Jill for your perfectly timed email!

If you are interested in using textures in your photos (or just love beautiful photography) you have to visit Jill's blog - She Who Carries Camera. She has wonderful photos plus you can participate in Creative License Fridays where everyone downloads the same photo and applies their own techniques.  It is so much fun to see what everyone comes up with.  Also be sure to check out her feathered portraits - love these! 



yay, "lemonade!" thank you for sharing your optimism and your technique. and i love the quote, too.

Madisono's Gelato said...


She Who Carries Camera said...

When I saw this image in my Reader my heart went pitter-patter, so when I actually came to your blog to read the entire post, I was touched to read that I had helped in some small way! You did a super-duper job! I would have loved to have sat there and had a bite to eat with you!

Nessy said...

Thanks Jill. You and your blog are such an inspiration!