Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Embroidered Valentine's Card

I have had these scallop-edged cards in my stationary box for years and decided it was time to make something with them.  I started by making the design in Illustrator using the polar grid guidelines.  That allowed me to space everything perfectly in a circular layout.  I then printed the design on regular paper and gently taped it to the scalloped card.  Once it was taped I used my hammer and awl to make all the holes.  I pre-drilled the holes because it makes it way easier to sew later.  After the holes were punched I then removed my paper guide and embroidered the design with a needle and embroidery thread.

Because I wanted to hide the "messy" embroidery on the back I decided to cut a pink circle that would get sewn at the same time as the edge circles.  I decided to add a single heart to the pink circle and sewed that before sewing through both the layers.

I told George that when I am an old lady I just want to sit around making exquisite cards to send to people.  I love designing and implementing a project all in one day.  And I like the thought that there is not another card in the whole world like this one.  Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 

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Jodi Christiansen said...

That's so sweet! And the back is genius! Lucky Mom.