Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Spring energy is in full bloom right now in Ohio and I have come across so many interesting things on my walks I can't keep up!  If I forget my camera even one day things have changed dramatically by the next time I am out again.

The flower below is from a rather weedy looking plant in my backyard. I always want to pull it but never do because it has the prettiest pink blooms every spring.  I have asked several botanist friends but I can't figure out what it is.  I thought it might be a plantain (Plantago) of some sort, but I can't find any with pink flowers. If you know what it is please let me know in the comments.  Regardless of its name I love the form of the beautiful pink inflorescence.

Right next to this pink flowering plant is our mill stone fountain.  One day I was sitting in front of it and decided to try and photograph the water that bubbles up out of it.  It was around seven in the evening and the light was sparkling in the most beautiful way.  I had never tried to photograph moving water like this and was quite pleased with the amazing globular forms in the images.  The water seems so alive, and even more so when you hear the sound it makes.  I included an audio file below the photo so you could hear it too.

I also took a gazillion photos of bees on crocuses this year trying to get one in focus.  The photo below was the best one.

You might not recognize the Virgina bluebell below.  Its blooms had not opened yet and I loved the incredible design created by these flowers.  This flower is so awesome because the blooms are pink before they bloom and gradually turn blue as they open.  You can see an open one here.

Each year I think, "Oh, I've already photographed this flower or that bee" but I am always happily surprised when I see the same flower (or bee) in a new way.  If you really think about it you will never see anything in exactly the same way because everything is constantly changing.

"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring
will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time."
  - T.S.Eliot


Nessy said...

My friend Sari recognized the flower right away but she only knew the name in Finnish. We googled it and found out the flower is Bergenia cordifolia. The common name is Winter Glow, Winterglut, or Pigsqueak (due to the sound produced when two leaves are rubbed together).

Jodi Christiansen said...

Wonderful photos! I love the sound recording of your bubbler fountain. You truly have a photographer's eye and steady hands to boot!

Nessy said...

Some people have asked what the name is in Finnish. It is "vuorenkilpi".