Monday, August 24, 2015

Purple People Bridge Sketch

Yesterday Christina and I sketched the Purple People Bridge that connects Cincinnati, OH and Newport, KY.  We parked at Lunken airport and road along the river to downtown.  It was a beautiful day and the ride was mostly flat and easy.  The trip starts out as a dedicated bike path and then switches to a bike lane and then back to a bike path.  I had not visited the riverfront in a long while and it is really nicely re-done into a long park along the river.  If you haven't visited it is worth a trip. 

The Purple People Bridge is really no longer purple but has faded to a light blue.  It was built in 1872 and was originally built for rail traffic.  It was converted to pedestrian-only in 2003.  (There is a nice history of the bridge here.) 

I also got a chance to start one of two new sketchbooks I received for my birthday.  Finally a sketchbook with pages big enough so I won't have seams in the middle!  Thank you Christina and Elsa.  You can see Christina's sketch here.

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