Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I don't know why but lately I have been obsessed with eating food in the cabbage family.  It started with me wanting broccoli all the time and has now morphed into me wanting brussel sprouts or cabbage soup for every meal.  So it was funny the other day when I was on my walk and these winter cabbages caught my eye. 

I blogged about winter cabbages almost a year ago and was worried the photos might be too similar. But I think they are different enough, plus I could not resist posting these beauties.

The color gradients are one of the things I find most amazing about these cabbages.  I like it when I see a color combination that I wouldn't normally put together.  I would not usually pair peach, purple, cream and green, but when I see it I am in love!

I also love the repetition of these cabbages.  Their heads remind me of ruffled ballgowns.

I couldn't resist posting the image below.  It was my second choice for "lead" image because of the soft way it changes color from fore to background.  And you know I love a short depth of field!

I would normally leave you with a quote but I couldn't find any cabbage quotes I liked, so I wrote a little poem.

My skirts are ruffled joy.
Peach, lavender, and green.
My arms stretched out spinning
Like a Sufi in my dream.

My head is full of cabbage
My eyes are full of tiers
My legs are rooted in the ground
I am splendor on earth, my dears.


Jodi Christiansen said...

Just lovely, my dear!

Jessica Jones said...

So beautiful, Vanessa!

Amy said...

I felt like I had taken a journey under water to the bottom of the sea with your cabbages, Vanessa! Your use of a close depth of field is one of your greatest tools!!! <3 What a gorgeous post. As always!!