Saturday, March 26, 2016

Quail Eggs, Spring Flowers, Happy Easter!

Yesterday I decided I wanted to do something with the quail eggs I bought last year at Hurd Orchards.  My first thought was to take them outside and line them up on an old board to photograph them....hence, the above photo.

My second thought was a bit more ambitious.  I thought if I had enough time I would make a wreath of the spring flowers in the yard and include the eggs.  I started by making a circle with some greens and then placed flowers around the circle.  The wreath ended up a little wonky and I wasn't very happy with the photos.  I could feel myself getting frustrated that my project wasn't turning out. 

There was the moment where I had to decide to be done with it or to keep going .  I took a deep breath and decided to just let myself play with it.  If I took a good photo...great.  If not, that was fine too.  Somehow the idea that it was just "play" took the pressure off of trying to make things "just so" and I sat there and had a wonderful time arranging flowers and eggs. 

I also realized that an important part of allowing myself to play is giving myself the proper time to relax enough so that I can get in play mode.  Last night as I was trying to write this blog entry I was feeling rushed and tired but I wanted to finish.  When I woke up this morning and read the entry I could feel the haste in the words.  So I opened a new document and decided to give myself time to "play" a little more.  

Besides encouraging everyone to allow yourself the time to play this weekend, I also wanted to wish everyone a joyous spring and a Happy Easter!

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Joan said...

The flowers and eggs look gorgeous together - love this!
I also love your Birding Journal - I enjoy keeping track of all the birds we see. Today was a busy day at our feeders!