Saturday, April 9, 2016

Goodness me!

I have been tired lately....but the other day I decided to take a short walk around the block.  As I was coming down the hill back towards my house I had the most beautiful thought that the energy from every single red bud bloom was filling me up.  It felt wonderful and I felt happy to be out walking on a cold spring day.

I also just finished reading Mary Reed's book, the Unwitting Mystic: Evolution of the Message of Love.  It is a book about a woman who had an executive career in the world of non-profit healthcare that began having mystical experiences.  She ultimately ended up in a Buddhist nunnery in India sitting with the 17th Karmapa (future Dalai Lama).  Her book has a beautiful, uplifting message and I felt invigorated reading her words.  The book reminded me that there is goodness in this world...that "I am goodness"...and that "I want to BE all that I Am!"

At some point while writing this blog entry I realized the wisdom of her words and the joy of these pink blossoms share the same message.

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Jodi Christiansen said...

Beautiful! 80% through the book.