Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Industrial Fan Planter

Two weekends ago I went to the Springfield Antique Extravaganza and could not resist buying this industrial fan cover that had been turned into a planter.  I love the idea of a really wide, flat planter.  I was going to wait to take a photo of it in a couple weeks after the plants had grown in more but we had a slight setback.  The day after I hung the planter I watered it really well with the hose and then went to the front yard to water.  When I returned to the backyard, there was my planter on the ground with all the plants spilled around it.  Apparently the hook we used was not strong enough and had given way.  But after a trip to the hardware store we are back in business, although a bit stunted. 

Buy planter or make your own with the face of an old fan and chains.

Buy coco liner from a roll and cut a circle that fits the face of the fan.

Fill lined planter with dirt.

Plant flowers being mindful of where the chains will pull up.

Hang with VERY strong chain!

Sometimes projects like these take a little work but I can't tell you how much I love seeing the planter every time I pull in the driveway.  There is something so enchanting about the way it "floats" and turns with the breeze.  Hopefully soon we will have big, healthy flowers and potato vines hanging over the edge (and no more mishaps!)

It is now the end of July and I wanted to post an updated photo of the planter which has grown like crazy! I think the potato vine was quite happy living there.


Amy said...

Beautiful post Vanessa! Looking forward to seeing this in person!

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Jodi Christiansen said...

It's gorgeous!

Cathy said...

Beautiful photo of your backyard!