Saturday, June 4, 2016

Withrow High School Sketch

Last Friday Christina and I sketched Withrow High School.  When I first moved to Cincinnati I couldn't believe the architecture of the high schools.  They look like college campuses!  I have always wanted to sketch this one particularly because of the awesome bridge. 

As we were sketching a man walked up who worked in the alumni office.  He offered to give us a tour and we took him up on it after we were done.  He took us into the fantastic auditorium which had been refurbished.  You can see Christina's photo of it here.  He also took us into the old library which had incredibly tall ceilings and ornate plasterwork.  There were also lots of other people's sketches of the building and it was fun to see all the different styles.  You can see Christina's sketch here.

"Observation is at its core an expression of love..."  -Takashi Hiraide

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