Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Chapel St., Cincinnati - House Sketch

For years I have driven by this house near the corner of Victory Parkway and Madison Ave. and thought, "we should sketch that house... it is so interesting."  So yesterday Christina and I walked from my house over to Walnut Hills and spent a beautiful morning sketching this unique house. 

Christina is amazing and finished her entire sketch, watercolor and all, while we sat there.  You can see her sketch here.  But I was only able to finish my pencil sketch and finished later at home.  Sometimes it is hard to look back at a sketch and see all the "mistakes" I've made.  When I see that in other people's sketches I always tell them that is gives it character (and I truly mean it).  But somehow, when I see it in my sketch I just think it looks terribly wonky or googly.  However, I am at least able to see the things I like about it too.  And in this one I liked the color palette. 

George came to pick us up and bring us to lunch and snapped this photo of us sketching.  Somehow I ended up getting a sunburn on the tip of my knee (oh, the dangers of sketching!).  Although I haven't sketched in a while and felt a bit rusty, I am always thankful Christina gets me out there and back at it again.

“A man's mistakes are his portals of discovery” ― James Joyce

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Amy said...

I LOVE your sketches of this house Vanessa! I am truly in awe of your abilities with architecture. Makes me want to practice more!