Thursday, June 8, 2017

Periodic Cicadas

Although the HUGE cicada emergence isn't expected until 2021, we had a fair number of them emerge this year.  Apparently some cicadas are 4 years off the main cycle and they are the ones we are seeing this year. These cicadas are called periodic because they emerge every 17 years as opposed to the cicadas we hear every summer.

I have to admit I don't like when they land on me, but I did have lots of fun photographing them this year.  If you get up close to them they really are quite striking.  The one above appeared to be smiling at me like a kind old sage...or maybe an alien.  Either way I love the expression on his face.

I was also impressed with the color of the wings.  The delicate copper-colored veining that fades to black and the way the light reflected on the transparent wings was incredibly stunning.

And I love to look at them from the above.  Their symmetry is so cool and you can't help but notice the bulging red eyes.

Below you can see a cicada casing.  They crawl up from the ground, attach to a plant and emerge as an adult cicada.  They are only above ground a few days to mate.

Below you can see two cicadas mating.  I came across them in the middle of the road and had to move them because a car was coming.

I was quite impressed at their ability to walk and mate at the same time.

When my friend Christina saw these photos she said they looked like an Art Noveau design and I have to agree.  I may have to make a linocut design of this some day.

If you ever need proof that magic exists in this world, you just need to consider the cicada.  They live in the dark earth drinking the nectar of trees for seventeen years.  They then crawl out of the dirt as a brown nymph and must break out of their shell to emerge as the colorful creature you see below.  The transformation is mind-boggling.  And although they are only above-ground for a short while, it appears as if they have a raucous good time.

"It's hard, to come back out of the dark.  It's harder still, when you emerge, to hold onto the learning, to the gifts imparted by that deep, rich cauldron of wisdom whose potion you tasted while you were there." -Sharon Blackie, If Women Rose Rooted 


George said...

Tasty too

Jodi Christiansen said...

Only you, my dear friend! These creatures are so beautiful.