Friday, May 13, 2011

Card Table Tablecloth

This tablecloth was also designed around Valentine's Day.  It is similar to the round tablecloth I posted yesterday, but it has a pink heart border.  I also added a nice mini white fringe around the edge.   The tablecloth is designed to fit a 33-34'' square table.  Again, because you have to buy by the yard at Spoonflower, I was able to fit in two matching hand towels for a total of two yards.

If you would like to purchase this tablecloth go to and search for "Sorensen." Then choose "Pink Tablecloth," cotton twill, and 2 yards (or click here).  Spoonflower will mail the fabric to you and then you will have to cut the fabric, hem the edges, and add a trim if you'd like.  (Please see my previous post about washing instructions!)

Check back soon for another card table design!

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