Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chachagua Gardens

The grounds of the Chachagua Rainforest Hotel were beautiful with plenty of great photo opportunities.  Of course, heliconias are one of my favorite things to photograph because of the repetition and color.  When George saw this photo he said, "That photo is so you" and I had to agree.

The photo below is of some crazy prop roots on an unidentified type of palm tree.  Supposedly one kind of palm tree (Socratea exhorrhiza) can actually move its position by throwing out prop roots in the direction it wants to go and has thus earned the name "walking palm." Although this has not been scientifically proven, I like to imagine these trees slowly moving in a millipede-like fashion to find a nice sunny spot in the rainforest.

The "red" bananas below were right outside our cabina.  Costa Rica has many kinds of bananas that are not available to us in the states because they spoil quickly and are hard to transport, but boy are they tasty!  My favorite are called "quadradas" (due to their squarish shape) and they are extra sweet and delicioso!  The other photos were just random things that caught my eye.

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