Friday, February 1, 2013


We spent two nights at the Chachagua Rainforest Hotel and on our one full day we drove to the Arenal Hanging Bridges where there is a very nice view of the volcano.  We were lucky the day we went because we had a clear view, although there was a little white poof which never moved from the peak.  I wondered if it was steam coming out of the volcano.

The drive from Chachagua to the Hanging Bridges is about 45 minutes and during our drive we saw a whole family of coatis crossing the road.  They are beautiful creatures and if you watch them walk away you can see they have soft-looking grey pads on their back feet.

We had a very nice hike on the Arenal hanging bridges.  I don't recommend the hike for people who are afraid of heights.  I do recommend wearing good sturdy shoes as the trail is made with concrete blocks with holes in the middle.  I wore my crocs by accident and it was a little rough on my feet.  The waterfall below was part of the hanging bridge hike and when we were hiking up from it George spied the Broad-billed Motmot below. 

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Awesome pictures, nep!